Untitled Eighteen 6.2010

Just let me know,
Things will be alright.
Just let me go,
I don't want to fight.

Untitled Seventeen 7.11.2010

I look into your eyes,
Hoping to feel the way I had once before.
I remember the lies,
And now I flinch, remembering the sore.

Could we put the past aside,
And try to figure out who we are?
I can't imagine you've died inside,
Has it already taken you that far?

I remember when it started,
We were so young and niave.
I remember when we parted,
As if we had set out to deceive.

Untitled Sixteen 7.11.2010

So when I shut my eyes this time,
I expect that once they open,
You'll be gone and not come back,
You can't break my heart again,
I wouldn't dare to stand for it.
Not again.

Untitled Fifteen 5.2010

The tears I cry when I'm afraid,
They couldn't cry loud enough.
And my mind is getting far too frayed,
Filled with useless pointless stuff.

Untitled Fourteen 2.27.2010

I see you standing off to the side,
No smile on your face.
I know the pain you hold inside,
Can't get away from this place.

Break at the sight of pain,
It's what you do.
Tears fall down like rain,
Does no one love you?

Forget this temporary cycle,
This thing we all call life.
Just let your heart go,
Give it all to God.

Untitled Thirteen 7.22.2009

What pays for today won't pay for tomorrow.
Because what pays for today is gone with my sorrow.
Broken and empty I'll set out to find You.
Because broken and empty, nothing else will do.

Yesterday is as new as a photograph.
We've all been there and had our laugh.
Yesterday us as new as a telephone.
We talk but we're still alone.

I paid for yesterday with bloodied wrists,
So now today only starts with unwanted twists.
I paid for yesterday with the tears I cry.
So I hop that today I get another try.

Tomorrow holds a future I will never see.
And the person in the mirror just isn't me.
Tomorrow holds a future I will not know.
Because tomorrow holds a time I can not go.

Yesterday is the pain I can't forget,
Tomorrow is the goal that's never met.
But today is what I have.
Today is what I have left.

Untitled Twelve 7.13.2009

We're all pretending this is sanity,
All of us in humanity.
But I'm the one that you will not see.
'Cause I'm afraid to be,

Maybe if I could fit your face to the photograph,
Or match your voice to the sound I hear,
Maybe then I could know you,
Maybe then I could feel,

'Cause we're pretending this is sanity,
Every one if us in humanity.
But we're the ones that you will not see.
'Cause we're afraid to be,

This is my plea for humanity,
What you let pass isn't sanity,
You're hurting every single one of us,
As you're saying,
It's good for us.

Untitled Eleven

So many times I tried to stop.
But pain persists.
Pushing me to give it more.
To help it get further.
Until the last hope does drop.

So pain persists to kill me.
But death I wish not.
Attempt to take my life so quiet.
To steal it while I sleep.
Yet I'm unaware and do not see.

Untitled Ten 4.1.2009

Tears I cry;
I cry in hate.
This horrible pain;
My horrible fate.

Crying should only last a second.
To be broken with by laughs.

Untitled Nine 11.26.2008

Smiling faces that sit at a table.
All fathered 'round to celebrate today.
So this world's made us able.
To make Thanksgiving a selfish holiday.

"So I'm thankful for myself,
I guess my family too.
And I'm thankful for my wealth,
But that's nothing new."

That's the chant we hear,
Thanksgiving day.
So what's there left to fear,
If we live in this selfish way?

"I'm thankful for my mommy,
I'm thankful for my daddy,
I'm thankful that I'm free,
I'm thankful for the wonders that I see.

"I'm thankful for the teachers,
I'm thankful for the preachers,
I'm thankful for my friends,
And I'm thankful the sadness ends.

"I'm thankful for the love,
I'm thankful, still, to be,
most of all I'm thankful,
For the God who created me."

So think before you speak,
What are you thankful for?
Are you thankful for yourself,
Or are you thankful for more?